Boudreaux Aviation Services

Don't let airplane troubles keep you down!

Do you love to fly?  We do too.  However, if you fly then you know that there is alot of work that has be done in order to keep those marvelous machines in the air.

 That's where we come in!

 We are your aircraft maintenance and modification experts with 35+ years experience!!


We'll come to you.  Our hanger or yours!



We can accommodate all of your inspection needs: 

  • Annual inspections
  • 100 hour inspections
  • Pre-buy inspections

We also do many owner assisted annuals for those owners that want to get their hands dirty and learn alot more about their machines or just want to save some money by doing most of the work themselves!


Large Inspections

Do you do large inspections and/or repairs on Gulfstreams, saberliners, hawkers, twin-commanders?

If you do then you likely need some structural work done now and then.

Airwothiness Directives, Service Bulletins, Service Letters.

Repairs and mods.

Interior removal and installation.

We contract this type of work to many companies in the Houston area including: Global Aviation - Bush Intercontinental airport

MW aircraft - Lonestar airport Conroe

Million-Air - Hobby

Standard Aero - Bush Intercontinental airport

HAMS - Hobby


Re-Builds / Project planes

serious damage?  Spare time project?  If you need assistance or someone to take the project, we can re-build your aircraft after a crash or other serious damage.



We are not a full service avionics shop but we can do many repairs and upgrades.  Call ahead.







Corrosion Repair

As structural technicians, one of our main functions is the removal of corrosion and corrosion treatments and preventatives.  Don't let it get out of hand!  If it does, however, we can fix that too!




Need some paint work?

from a small panel, cowling or paint match on a repair to a complete re-paint.  We've got your airplane "covered".






We specialize in custom sheet-metal projects

  • Corrosion damage
  • Re-skins
  • structural repairs
  • firewalls


Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) installations

structure engineering(DER) services

Gear removal and repair





Engine repairs


Crash recovery and aircraft transport



Misc repairs

  • gear up landings
  • belly skins
  • cowlings
  • windshields
  • fiberglass repairs
  • flight controls

speed mods